Here is an example of traditional burning, clearing away undergrowth at the right time, to preserve and protect this beautiful Tasmanian woodland.

Local community, rangers and rural fire service members ‘walk with the fire’, out on country at a Cape York fire workshop. 

An historic event with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Rangers implementing the first traditional burn in Tasmania in over a century.

In 2015, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Fire Team reimplemented traditional burning in Tasmania – an historic event.  

Evolving our fire culture into the future.

Fire & Environment

Destructive Wildfires are becoming more frequent in many countries around the world, threatening our communities, our ecosystems, and our planet.  Signs of the changing world tell us we need to restrengthen and adapt Australia’s traditional fire culture to ensure a safe future for our country.

Traditional fire practice is the answer to preparing our land and our communities for climate change. 

There is a natural balance maintained by fire. When traditional fire is applied properly, native plants return and flourish while weeds and pests are naturally decreased. The ecosystem becomes balanced, beautiful, and most importantly – a safe place to live.

Indigenous fire knowledge faces the threat of being lost from limited opportunity for communities to practice these methods.

Learn To Manage Your Country

Mulong offers fire management workshops and services, personally guiding you to build fire management plans for your communities, fire agencies, ranger programs, pastoral lands, and environmental rehabilitation projects.

The fire methodologies are developed specifically to each location and aim to build on your knowledge of your country; and to give you the confidence to read the land like a traditional fire practitioner.

Our workshops teach you to understand your land, how to read the indicators, and when to apply the appropriate fire knowledge.

All of the workshops are done with the participants on country and we base our courses on traditional knowledge teaching methods, where we walk you with the fire and learn the practice by practical engagement.

Film Assessment & Documentary

Developing film case studies are a great way to monitor your programs, for reporting, and educating the community.

Importantly, the process of doing a film case study gives your participants a chance to build their confidence in speaking and delivering their fire program on country.

Our services seek to respect and retain the integrity of transfer of traditional knowledge from Elders to youth in all our practices and in each specific area.

The film case studies are the intellectual property of the client and the system of methods conducted during the project are respectful of Aboriginal and broader community processes.

Traditional fire practice is the answer to preparing our land and our communities for climate change.

Our Fire Management Services

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Our aim is to get your fire plans made, relationships built and the first burns underway.

Burning with Indigenous Rangers and Rural Fire Brigade.

The Cape York Indigenous Fire Workshop

Burning Project with Jabalbina Rangers